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Deslaves en Tejerías

Al menos 36 personas han muerto y 56 se encuentran desaparecidas luego de que sus efectos trajeran lluvias torrenciales que ocasionaron el desborde de ríos y quebradas en Las Tejerías, una población en el estado Aragua, en el centronorte de Venezuela. Estamos enviando kits de higiene personal, primeros auxilios y medicamentos OTC para ayudar a las víctimas de los deslaves y a los rescatistas. Tu aporte económico es urgente. 


Nutriaction, Helping 300 kids

“Child malnutrition in parts of Venezuela is now at the level of a humanitarian crisis, warns a new report from the local Caritas agency. With the economy in freefall, shortages of food and medicine and soaring food prices, nearly half of children under five in areas monitored by Caritas are suffering from some degree of malnutrition or at imminent risk.”


Researchers have found that 300.000 kids will die of starvation before 2017 ends, maternal deaths in Venezuela rose 66% last year to 756. Infant deaths shot up to 11,466, a 30% jump. According to several sources, this scenario will only get worse. The latest figures show that 11.4% of children under five are suffering either from moderate or severe acute malnutrition. The figure rises to 48% when under-fives at risk or already suffering lower levels of malnutrition are included. The World Health Organization’s crisis threshold for child malnutrition is 10%.


We believe it is time for us to take action and ask you to join us in this new funding effort that expects to save the lives of at least 300 kids (between the ages of 0 to 6 years old), all of them are students of the Carmen Sallés elementary school in the underdeveloped community of La Moran, in Caracas. Only through the generous funding, we will be able to achieve our goals for 2018 starting now: To prevent the malnutrition and its consequences for this group of infants.


Bandazul, a 501 (c)(3) public charity has partnered with Bandazul Venezuela and  Alianza Concepcionista to make this possible.

Permanent Campaigns

We also care for patients in need of dialysis, chemotherapy, insulin treatments, or other illnesses. We do not provide the prescriptions or restricted drugs, instead, we supply medical materials to the following centers:

Dispensario Padre Machado

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Casa Hogar Madre Emilia

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NEW Campaigns

As the needs have increased we recently added more organizations that require our support. These facilities care for elders, abused kids, hungry babies, and abandoned special need children with no other home or help than the one provided by non-for-profit. Please click on the links for more information.

Asociación Civil Hogar Bambi

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Misioneras De La Caridad

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