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Misioneras de la caridad 

(catia la mar home)

Basic needs: diapers, protein powder, milk

The only home known by 20 abandoned kids with special needs such as autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. This is where they will live until they die.

Their condition involves a tremendous amount of caring, patience and resources that are expensive and scarce. A few of those items are:

- Special wheelchairs

- Seat/sheet protectors

- Sanitary pads/towels/diapers

- Bibs/gauze/socks/gloves 

Feeding issues can very complex for children with cerebral palsy, not only as a natural occurrence with the condition but also under the scarcity circumstance in Venezuela. They require a special diet, which is almost impossible to think off without the proper resources.

Many kids with cerebral palsy have spastic abdominal muscles, poor muscle tone or difficulty controlling their bodies. This makes toilet time a difficult challenge. One approach is to make sure they eat lots of fruits and vegetables and have significant amounts of fiber. If that doesn't help, they are dependent on  mineral oils, stool softeners or laxatives. In general, though, it's helpful to always have regular mealtimes, which is another challenge at the moment.


Basic needs: food, personal hygiene

Hogar Bambi is a shelter for more than 120 children, many of them come with malnutrition, diseases and lack of vaccines. They need to have medical attention, including emergency attention, dentistry, hospitalizations, surgeries, medical exams, medicines, vaccines, physical therapy and special treatments. Public hospitals in Venezuela lack the necessary resources to offer the attention these children need. Private clinics are extremely expensive. 


All the children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years old living in the 5 homes (one is being slowly rebuilt to expand its capacity to 30 more residents) are in social risk after being abused, orphaned, living on extreme poverty, homeless, or abandoned. This organization offer a roof and complete care until they are placed in foster homes, given in adoption or claimed by a relative. The organization's activities focus on providing shelter, food, education, health care and emotional support.




llenas foundation

Basic needs: Baby formula, milk for premature, Ensure/Pediasure, baby food, non-perishable food, vitamins, cereals. Diapers.

In Margarita Island, there are several communities in extreme poverty and with kids -ages 0 to 12- suffering different illnesses from Diabetes to dermatological affections. More than 500 kids struggle to eat at least once a day, they already are victims of a lice epidemic. All of them are equally susceptible to several diseases as a consequence of poor nutrition and nonexistent hygiene. 

Some of the current diseases are:
- Rashes
- Scabies
- Pediculosis
- Psoriasis
- Malnourishment

- Early pregnancies
- Allergies



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