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Donations we accept

Your help is well received. Always.

We have partnered with different organizations to guarantee the delivery of the help received. ​

List of Items

We do not sell, collect, donate or distribute prescription drugs. 


- Over the counter medications (OTC) all of them.

- Baby formula

- Baby food

- Vitamins

- Nutritional supplements

- Adult and children diapers
- Alcohol pads

- Antibacterial/antibiotic ointments

- Wheelchairs
- Canes

- Walkers
- Bed and sheets protectors
- Hospital gloves, masks and gowns

- Non-perishable, canned proteins, instant soups, protein/cereal bars.
- Powder milk, protein powder

- Surgical material

- General medical supplies

- First Aid

- Lice treatments (pediculicides) in shampoos, lotions, and cream rinses.

- Aquatabs


If you have other items not showing on the list, please e-mail us and we will inform you if we can handle it. Sometimes, we refer the donations to other organizations as well.


Amazon Smile

You can also help by simply buying from Amazon. It's easy

1. Log into
2. Search for Bandazul 83
3. Click select

With every order that you place, Amazon will donate 0.5% at no extra cost to you!
It's free. It's wonderful.

More ways to help

Consider coordinating a Donation Drive in your workplace, school, church or with friends and family.

If you are a student we will gladly report community hours to your School/College/University 
Contact us for materials, ideas and more.

Partner with us

If you are an organization willing to help Venezuela we could work together specific projects. Send us an e-mail to start a conversation. ​

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