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Venezuela: Millions at risk, at home and abroad

A special report by IRIN News, Inside the Emergencies.

"Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world and is not engulfed in war. Yet its people have been fleeing on a scale and at a rate comparable in recent memory only to Syrians at the height of the civil war and the Rohingya from Myanmar", says the lead of an article that contains a collections of reporting that among other things reveals that "some three to four million people have escaped the economic meltdown since 2015 and tried to start afresh in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. This exodus has placed enormous pressure on the region; several governments have started making it tougher for migrants to enter and find jobs.

The many millions more who have stayed in Venezuela face an acute humanitarian crisis denied by their own government: pervasive hunger, the resurgence of disease, an absence of basic medicines, and renewed political uncertainty." The situation doesn't seem to have any chance of improvement in the near future. The situations has only deepened.

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Source: IRIN News

Photo by Andrés Gerlotti on Unsplash

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